5 Bad Brushing Habits Patients Need to Avoid

San Francisco Veneers AND  Brushing HabitsSAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA- It’s obvious – brushing your teeth regularly can prevent a host of dental issues, not to mention bad breath. There’s a proper way to brush teeth, but many Americans actually fail to implement correct brushing practices. Greg D. Larson, DDS, and the team at Larson Dentistry encourage adequate teeth brushing to guard the mouth against cavities, periodontal disease, plaque buildup and more. Here’s a few of the common mistakes patients make when cleaning their teeth.

There’s no need to rush. Slow and steady wins the race…and achieves good dental hygiene! Many patients speed through the brushing process in about 30 seconds, but Dr. Larson recommends brushing for two minutes, at least. Cleaning for this amount of time will help ensure all areas of the mouth are attended to, including gums, tongue and cheeks. Try timing yourself on your phone or using an electric toothbrush with a built-in timer.

Show mercy on your teeth. Teeth may look and feel tough, but our smiles are actually extremely sensitive and require a gentle brushing action. Trade hard bristled toothbrushes for softer options, and refrain from aggressively scrubbing. You may be convinced you’re reaching more plaque, but rough brushing practices actually erode the enamel, leaving teeth more susceptible to yellowing plaque and harmful bacteria.

Focus on the task at hand. Brushing has become so habitual, may patients watch TV, pet the dog or wander around the house while cleaning their teeth. Inevitably, this lessens the quality and reach of the brushing. The most effective way to clean teeth is by watching yourself in the mirror as you brush. This will heighten your sense of awareness and help you notice what areas of the smile are commonly neglected when brushing. It’s always a good idea to occasionally inspect your teeth to spot dental abnormalities like cavities, yellowing or flattened molar surfaces, and signs of TMJ disorders. Be sure to promptly call Dr. Larson, who also offers San Francisco veneers, if any these issues are identified.

Perfect your brushing technique. When cleaning the teeth, focus on moving the head of the toothbrush in a circular motion. This technique is the most effective way to remove plaque while sustaining the enamel. Many patients have grown accustomed to brushing in a left to right motion, but this action can also harm the enamel and worsen sensitivity.

Don’t forget to rinse. Thorough brushing uproots cemented plaque from the teeth’s surface, but rinsing with a mouthwash or fluoride treatment is the only sure-fire way to permanently rid the mouth of bacteria. Mouthwash also offers additional benefits, like added germ killing, loosening plaque wedged in between teeth and providing minty fresh breath. If you don’t have mouthwash on hand, a good swish of water will also help to rinse away bacteria.

Dr. Larson, a sedation dentist SF, excels in general and preventative dentistry by performing detailed teeth cleanings for his patients. He and the knowledgeable team at Larson Dentistry thoroughly inspect every smile for dental abnormalities during routine appointments to ensure patients maintain a healthy smile. Dr. Larson is also a renowned San Francisco cosmetic dentist who provides popular solutions like Invisalign, porcelain veneers and dental implants, among other services. To discover more about Dr. Larson, schedule a consultation today.

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