The Pittsburg TMJ Bioengineering Conference Discusses TMJ Disorder Advances

san francisco dentist at conferenceSAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA – This September the University of Pittsburg hosts the TMJ Bioengineering Conference. Bioengineers, dentists, clinicians and researchers will flock to Pennsylvania Sept. 20 through Sept. 22 to discuss TMJ disorder advances.

San Francisco cosmetic dentist Dr. Greg Larson practices neuromuscular dentistry, including relief from TMJ disorder. Dr. Larson is also known as a migraine dentist. TMJ disorder can cause intense headaches, and the Larson Dentistry team works to eradicate these migraines by studying and treating bite imbalances. This study includes K-7 electrodiagnostics, surface myography, TENS, occlusion analysis, CT scans and orthotic fabrication. Ascending and descending alignment is evaluated and considered during the diagnostic phase. When indicated, Dr. Larson teams with medical doctors, ear nose and throat specialists, physical therapists and chiropractors during the treatment phases.

An advanced neuromuscular orthotic is a superior form of the traditional night guard, and it is fabricated to even out jaw and often neck/back imbalances, as it is made to a physiologic rest position of the lower jaw. While a traditional night guard or splint can protect teeth from chipping during nighttime bruxism (grinding), it can sometimes aggravate conditions related to TMJ because of the added pressure it puts on the muscles and jaw joints.

The conference leaders aim to provide continuity in the field of TMJ disorders. Attendees can view the conference schedule ahead of time. Attendees can also find detailed transportation information to the conference. The exclusive topic of the conference allows the participants to delve into all aspects of TMJ research. Attendees are encouraged to search for research collaborators and to trek into the areas of the topic that aren’t as heavily researched.

Keynote speaker Dr. Louis G. Mercuri, DDS, MS, will discuss TMJ Replacement: Past, Present and Future Considerations at 8:45 a.m. on Thursday. Podium sessions, discussion groups, poster viewings and more keynote lectures will follow. Thursday and Friday are full of exciting TMJ discussions. Attendees finish up around noon on Saturday, which gives them plenty of time to travel the city.

Pittsburg has noteworthy places to explore, including the Carnegie Museum of Art, the Carnegie Museum of Natural History, the Phipps Conservatory and Schenley Park. Conference organizers have also recommended a variety of restaurants around Pittsburg to please your palate.

Your temporomandibular joint attaches your jawbone, or mandible, to your skull. TMJ disorders involve the muscles, bones, ligaments, nerves, teeth and tendons. TMJ disorder is called TMD.

TMD symptoms include limited ability to open and close your mouth, difficulty biting and chewing, tingling and numbness in hands and fingertips, and jaw, shoulder and neck pain. Some patients experience migraine headaches, earaches, dull face pain and hearing loss. Others even hear clicking sounds when they open and close their mouths. You may have heard the term “lock jaw” to describe a jaw stuck in either an open or closed position. This is also TMJ related.

Bring any similar symptoms to your San Francisco dentist‘s attention. Some patients think their symptoms are the result of earaches or sinus problems. Your dentist can evaluate your symptoms accurately and provide a diagnosis.

Dr. Larson, a San Francisco dentist who also provides dentistry services for other cities such as Walnut Creek Invisalign, will check for loose teeth, forward head posture, narrow jaws and airway, gum line recession and wear on the front teeth. Once Dr. Larson diagnoses a patient with TMD, he can normally treat the issue with a custom dental appliance. From San Francisco to Berkeley, pain free dentistry is provided with conscious sedation techniques by Dr. Larson.

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