The Top Five Dental Services to Be Thankful For This November

SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA – We know that keeping your teeth and gums healthy spills over into other aspects of your health. Modern dental care has brought us many advancements to be thankful for this November.

Our team has outlined some of the most important dental procedures that help our patients live long and healthy lives.

Dental Sealants
San Francisco dentists like Dr. Greg Larson understand the usefulness of dental sealants. You may have received dental sealants as a child. Sealants smooth out the grooves on your premolars and molars. This smoother surface increases the efficiency of your brushing habits. Bacteria can’t hide as easily on these flatter surfaces as they can in the deeper crevices of your teeth. Sealants help prevent you from developing cavities.

Dental Implants
There are several ways you could lose a permanent tooth. You may have had a decayed tooth removed, or you could have knocked out a tooth during an accident. You may have suffered from advanced periodontal disease that caused a tooth to grow loose and fall out. In San Francisco, implant dentistry replaces missing teeth. A missing tooth can throw your bite off balance, making it difficult to speak, chew and digest food. Your surrounding bone also suffers from a missing tooth by deteriorating. Dental implants actually bond with the surrounding bone, which inhibits the bone from breaking down. Dental implants stabilize your bite, helping you speak, chew and digest food normally.

Neuromuscular Dentistry
You may have heard of doctors using neuromuscular dentistry to treat certain issues involving your temporomandibular joint. You use your TMJ, the joint that connects your jaw to your skull, to speak, chew and yawn. You may experience sore jaw muscles, jaw pain, migraine headaches, a clicking jaw or teeth ground down to smooth planes. Your TMJ could be causing you many problems, but neuromuscular dentists can realign your jaw joint to alleviate your pain and discomfort. Dr. Larson practices neuromuscular dentistry by finding the ideal rest position to put your joints, muscles and bones at ease.

Sedation Options
Many of us experience some level of anxiety visiting the dentist. Options for sedation increase our comfort as patients, help us ease our anxieties and defend us against pain. Dr. Larson offers conscious sedation and nitrous oxide to provide a pleasant and relaxing dental experience. Talk with your dentist about your worries, and discuss the options for sedation your dentist offers.

Cosmetic Dentistry
While the above dental procedures go a long way keeping your mouth healthy and free of disease, cosmetic dentistry procedures improve the look of your smile. Our patients enjoy revitalizing their smiles with cosmetic dentistry, including tooth whitening, dental veneers, gum recontouring and Invisalign. Our team uses cosmetic dentistry to give you the smile you’ve always imagined.

In this season of thankfulness, our team thanks you for allowing us to bring you exceptional dental care. Keep your toothbrush handy during this season of bountiful feasts!

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