When to Seek a Second Opinion for Dental Procedures

dentistry in san franciscoSAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA – Our San Francisco dentists see patients for regular checkups, but we also help patients looking for second opinions and consultations. Seeking a second opinion for your dental care could greatly improve your dental experience.

You have a lot of San Rafael dentistry options, and it’s important for you to find a dentist you like and trust.

Finding time to visit another dentist for a second opinion may not fit easily into your schedule. Some of you may even feel guilty or nervous about seeking a second set of eyes. But remember you have to be your own advocate when it comes to your health. So when should you seek a second opinion on dental procedures?

If You Don’t Feel Comfortable
Your dental office should be comfortable and inviting. You want to interact with a friendly office staff that listens to your needs. You want the office to be clean.

Your dentist and the office team have a responsibility to make you feel comfortable, safe and welcome. If at any time you don’t feel taken care of, seek a second opinion or look around for a more pleasing environment. At Dr. Greg Larson’s office, we take extra steps to ensure your comfort. You can enjoy Internet access, aromatherapy, relaxing neck pillows, warm hand towels and refreshments in a calm environment. You can even play your personal music during your appointment. We want you to feel at home, even in the dental chair.

If Things Don’t Add Up
Does your diagnosis seem out of line with your oral health routine?

Not all dentists have the same skills, post-graduate education or standard of care. There are times when one dentist’s diagnosis differs from another’s. In these cases, you should set up a consultation with another dentist to reevaluate your mouth.

Remember that regular brushing and flossing won’t necessarily keep your mouth free from gingivitis, cavities or gum disease. Other factors can cause problems in an otherwise clean mouth, including spacing, crowding, systemic diseases, bite imbalances, mouth breathing, the shape of your teeth and the pH of your mouth.

Dr. Larson will take your oral health seriously. He will speak honestly with you about what procedures are recommended for your oral health. Dr. Larson and his team will go the extra mile to determine what factors may have contributed to your oral conditions. He will then support you in not only treating your condition, but also combating the cause.

If Your Dentist Doesn’t Listen, Won’t Explain
You should feel comfortable talking to your dentist about different problems, from oral cancer to sleep apnea. Dentists with successful careers take time to listen to their patients’ concerns. In San Rafael, Invisalign, teeth whitening and other cosmetic dentistry procedures spike our patients’ curiosity. We are here to inform you of options that may benefit your health and your smile. We want to help you make good choices about your oral health, and we want you to have your dream smile. If your dentist or hygienist isn’t fully transparent about procedures or won’t give you sufficient information, it’s time to see what else is out there. If he won’t listen to your pain, your symptoms, or your concerns, it’s okay to seek a second opinion.

Take your oral health into your own hands and find a Berkeley dentist you trust. Once you find that special place, you may even be excited for your visits.

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