Full Mouth Rejuvenation Using Dental Implants

Dental ImplantsPatients suffer tooth loss for a number of reasons – sometimes age, illness, gum disease, tooth decay or other factors cause patients to lose multiple teeth. Extreme tooth loss can make it difficult for you to eat, chew and speak, and it might also cause self-esteem issues. Missing teeth can cause facial muscles to sag and make patients appear older than they are. Missing teeth also trigger bone loss in the jaw, since the jaw no longer has a tooth to support.

Until recently patients with extreme tooth loss have been given dentures to replace their missing teeth. Dentures are just a temporary solution, and they don’t solve the issue of bone deterioration in the jaw. Dr. Larson treats extreme tooth loss with dental implants. This full mouth rejuvenation is superior to dentures for several reasons. First, dental implants bond with the jawbone to ensure patients don’t lose any more bone density. Second, dental implants and crowns allow you normal tooth function so you can eat, chew and speak with ease. Third, the dental implants provide a permanent solution to your problem, while dentures are just temporary. Finally, the dental implants will support your facial muscles and help retain your normal facial structure.

Dr. Larson goes beyond general tooth restoration to provide patients full mouth rejuvenation treatment. Through this process we determine the most ideal options to give you a healthy, perfect smile, and we see the treatment through to its completion. There is hope for you if you’ve suffered extreme tooth loss. Contact our team today for a full mouth rejuvenation consultation. Soon you’ll be smiling with confidence and ease.