Pain Free Sedation Dentistry

To obtain membership in the Dental Organization for Conscious Sedation (DOCS), Dr. Larson had to complete many hours of advanced training, which covered the pharmacological principles of drug interactions. Additionally, he is trained in managing medical emergencies that may result in a very small percentage of patients on sedation medication.

This training led to a higher level of dental licensure by the State of California which authorizes him to use Conscious Sedation.

Some people wonder if ‘laughing gas,’ or nitrous oxide, is still used. While this is a safe option for short term procedures, it must be used sparingly when sedation is needed for longer periods of time. Rather than taking unnecessary risks with our patients’ health, we only use nitrous oxide periodically and as a supplement to Conscious Sedation.
Conscious Sedation is most useful for longer appointment. Some patients with more than typical pre-dentist jitters may benefit from its use for shorter treatments. As a leading San Francisco sedation dentist, Dr. Larson is happy to discuss this option with you.